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What is a Mortgage Pre-Approval?

Mortgage pre-approval refers to an assessment by the lender that decides if you would qualify for a home loan or not. Also, it demonstrates the size of the loan you can take. Getting pre-approved is the initial stage you need to pass in order to get a home loan, though it doesn’t guarantee a home loan approval. In order to get the house, you’ll need to submit your pre-approval with the offer to let the seller know you’re a serious buyer.

Getting Pre-Approved for Mortgage?

In order to get pre-approved for a mortgage, you need to go through a formal process. The first step is to find a mortgage lender. is a professional mortgage provider, offering an array of loans with competitive interest rates. Once you get in touch with us, you’ll be asked a few questions related to your financial history. In order to document your income, you will need to provide bank statements, pay stubs and tax returns. If you’re a freelancer or a business owner, you will be evaluated on the basis of income made in the previous two years. We will also look at your assets, liabilities and savings. This basic information is important along with running your credit report. If your provided information matches loan guidelines then you will be issued a pre-approval letter that states that the lender is willing to provide you the home loan.

If you need help getting a mortgage pre-approval, can help you. Financing a home can be complicated, but we can walk you through the entire pre-approval process easily and smoothly.

When it comes to getting pre-approved for a mortgage, having the right professional guidance is important.

In addition to quality service and competitive interest rates, we guard the privacy of your information. We never sell or share your information and we abide by the highest standards of security and encryption.

Pre-Qualified vs.Pre-Approved
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You get to experience a different and overwhelming feeling when buying your own home for the first time. The sense of accomplishment comes when your hard work has paid off, you’ve completed the home buying process and finally get a nicer place. Let us help you attain your goal…